NBC8: Daytime show

August 11, 2017

Huge Ybor City Melon & Taco Fest - Free Admission welcome to Don and his AMAZING GOURMET Hawaiian Honey Cones!! Straight from the Hawaiian Islands , check out Don with Cindi and Jerry as on of our Daytime TV Show Vendors this week.. Check him out tomorrow at Centro Asturiano de Tampa... WELCOME BACK DON !!!!



JANUARY 8, 2017

"Hawaiian Honey Cones by Hokkaido Ice Cream: Why there was an ice cream display in the middle of the largest tech conference in the world is still a mystery, but the product is innovative and surely involved some sort of tech to create. And no one was complaining it was there.

The Hawaiian Honey Cone by Hokkaido Ice Cream capitalizes on the idea that the last bite of the ice cream cone is always the best, each morsel a mouthful of both cone and ice cream. They’ve taken that bite and turned it 12 inches long. The honey cone is filled with ice cream and curved upwards so the customer does not spill. The cones were sold for $8 at CES."